Interface NativeAd.NativeAdListener

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      • onLoaded

         abstract void onLoaded(NativeAd nativeAd)

        Called when the ) has been loaded the { } that was loaded

      • onError

         abstract void onError(NativeAd nativeAd, ErrorInfo errorInfo)

        Called when an error occurs during the NativeAd lifecycle. An ErrorInfo object provides detail about the error

        nativeAd - the NativeAd that experienced the error
        errorInfo - the ErrorInfo that describes the error that occurred
      • onAdLeftApplication

         abstract void onAdLeftApplication(NativeAd nativeAd)

        Called when the NativeAd causes the user to leave the application. For example, tapping a NativeAd may launch an external browser.

        nativeAd - the NativeAd that caused the application exit
      • onEvent

         abstract void onEvent(NativeAd nativeAd, String source, String eventId, Map<String, Object> arguments)

        This callback is used to surface additional events to the publisher from the SDK

        nativeAd - the NativeAd that is relaying the event
        source - the identifier of the event source
        eventId - the event identifier
        arguments - a map of key/value pairs of arguments related to the event