Yahoo Mobile Audiences

Yahoo Mobile Audiences enables publishers to more effectively monetize their apps in a privacy-friendly way. Publishers build audience segments based on their users’ behavior from approximately 60 standard events that correspond to the most high-value interactions users complete during a session. These audience segments are then scored and deployed in Yahoo’s demand side platform, essentially creating a first-party dataset for app publishers to monetize.

Yahoo Mobile Audiences gives advertisers the option of going beyond contextual advertising by targeting specific users who have engaged in specific in-app behavior. Yahoo Mobile Audiences honors all user privacy preferences and privacy regulations, including Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, and is SKAdNetwork ready. Please see here for the current list of standard events supported.

How to get started:

The use of Yahoo Mobile Audiences to monetize your app is an opt-in feature. If you would like to participate in this program please reach out to your Account Manager.

  1. Integrate Yahoo Mobile SDK
  2. Sign up for a free Flurry Analytics account
  3. Integrate Standard Events

For more information about firing Yahoo Mobile Audiences Events, checkout: